Self-defeating mechanisms


I enjoy your company most when I am by myself.

All simplifying assumptions are too complicated.

If you remember something too long, you might as well forget it.

Anyone who goes to a psychoanalyst should have his head examined — Samuel Goldwyn.

If I don’t see you again, auf wiedersehen!

I absolutely refuse to be assertive.

None of my close friends has a close acquaintance.

I am not contradicting you.

I won’t hesitate for a moment to avoid answering.

I will now predict an unanticipated result.

Ignore this sign.

You may steal this from me.

Henceforth, you will keep your communications to yourself.

Disregard any further announcements; disregard any further announcements.

Never say “never.”

Whether you mean it or not, be sincere!

If you want to think independently, you must imitate me.

Superstition brings bad luck.

Like everybody else, I’m different.

Statistics show that statistics can’t be trusted.

I saw him do it when no one was looking.

I used to be conceited, but now I’m perfect.

Words are incapable of describing what I am about to tell you.

No one goes there anymore; it’s too crowded. (Not ascribed by Gorn to Yogi Berra.)

Every once in a while it never stops raining.

We Scorpios don’t believe in astrology.

If your father was sterile, the same is probably true of you.

To distinguish the real from the unreal one must experience both.

We need to learn how determinism forces us to act in a certain way, in order to be able to act the way we want to.

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  • Silviu says:

    Ce-ti mai place sa te invarti in jurul cuvintelor:) Misto filmuletul insa, de-abea astept si eu Anturaj-ul!!:)
    CUm iti merge? (nedeterministic vorbind?:) )

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