I’ll Never Be the Same

It’s OK, Very Good



The certainty of uncertainty
is my uncertainty’s certainty.
It’s from this my discomfort is stemming —
yesterday could be useless today,
tomorrow might be more yesterday,
today could be tomorrow’s bidding.
I am not the sum of my past segments
or the product of my former moments.
While Life’s labyrinth walking,
attentive to the path I must be.
The way through might be in back of me,
regardless of which way I’m facing.
When blocked and unsure of what to do;
it’s an about face I might pursue.
The past is the present informing
and does not force or form all that is —
the here, now, is not the whole of past’s says.
Enough said is not enough saying.
So, I do the work of being there,
and rest assured, I will get somewhere
Change is scary and disconcerting;
and, I get bogged down in lethargy.
I need the energy of synergy.
No one is saved from unknowing,
all must walk the walk with confusion
enduring delusion’s allusion.
Discernment is not inspiring —
the discontent of my certainty
makes me content with uncertainty.
So, I am present and start doing
to the best of my abilities,
enjoying possibilities.
And, I continue to continue
hoping for, ”It’s OK, very good”

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August 2011