New Earth

Plenty  thinks to do…


We have one life and sometimes it seems is so short.

We also do not appreciate special moments ( time with us, whit special people, with family ) and we always running to something… to somewhere… the questions is: When we going to stop? Here we could answer in many many  ways.

1.Never because:  I must do this and this, and I need this and this. I must finish  on time everything I have on my bucket list.

This is happening even if you are with them around you or far away from them. Depends on everybody perspective of life and expectations.

“I “ always said that never is not the right moment to do this or that. But to be realistic you can not do it if you don’t  have all Material Life arranged – what a stupid generality! But is true in this capitalist world that we have to struggle to keep it in the correct way even if we sometimes we are not doing forced by circumstances.

What are circumstances: Surviving and cleaning from period to period from bad things, habits, people; so on an so forth…

Freedom is something that now we only can dream about, its like Maya or something that it is untouchable and even If we trying to escape from this and do Freedom – there is somebody or something who/ that  is reminding you that you are small and you can not raise.


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August 2012